Blue Angels is history of the New Rochelle

To tell the history of the college you need to go back 118 years.The college is located in the USA, New York State, Westchester County, New Rochelle City. It is privately owned, located outside the city. The college’s mascot is the Blue Angels in blue and white. It is located in the USA, New York State, Westchester County, New Rochelle City. New Rochelle is privately owned, located outside the city. The college’s mascot is the Blue Angels in blue and white. Initially, The College of New Rochelle was created as a Catholic women’s college and was called Saint Angela’s, but it was soon renamed The College of New Rochelle. Around the same time, athletics was mentioned for the first time in the university. He was mentioned in the local university newspaper called the Saint Angela’s Herald. Annual inter-class sports competitions began to be held.

Each class had its own colors, banners and hymns, which played the role of supporting the team spirit. The most courageous fans of each of the teams clung their coats of arms to the highest places of the buildings of their college, climbing onto the roofs, trees, thereby endangering their lives. Due to the growing popularity, new disciplines such as basketball, volleyball, golf, hockey, tennis and even horse riding began to be introduced. Over time, this led to competitions between different state universities. Enrollment grew in college, as did the number of young athletes.

The growing New Rochelle university needed a much larger and more modern gymnasium that would develop the needs of modern sports.
In 1932, the construction of an ultra-modern sports complex was completed. The new complex was equipped with a swimming pool, gyms, which were available to everyone who is interested in sports, whether you are a fan or a team member.

Birth of a sports team called the Blue Angels

In the mid-80s, this university joined the national student sports association. The university basketball team was named the Blue Angels. After that, the Blue Angels basketball team began to win many victories in a number of local championships. All these victories led the Blue Angels to the state championship. It was in this championship that the Blue Angels were defeated, but the team did not lose its sporting spirit. This defeat was only the impetus for new achievements and more and more work on their sports skills.
In subsequent years, this institution elevated women’s sports such as volleyball, water ballet, swimming, tennis, and softball to the status of a national collegiate sports association. After this event, the university created many successful sports teams, which were named
Blue Angels and set more than one individual record. Between 2000 and 2010, they took the title in basketball and 4 titles in women’s volleyball in intercollegiate sports competitions. Thus, giving impetus to the construction and opening of a new health and sports center. This center included a hall with a four-lane jogging track, and a new modern swimming pool with six lanes for swimming. In addition to gyms, fitness centers have appeared for everyone.

Athletes who were injured during training, classes or competitions were not left without attention by opening a sports medicine room on the territory. There, students were taught to provide first aid to athletes who were injured.

Contribution of the male team to the Blue Angels

As you know, only girls could study in this institution. But already in 2016, a new era began for The College of New Rochelle Blue Angels. The college began to admit men to the faculties of arts and sciences. New sports teams were quickly organized in volleyball, football, basketball and swimming. Six months after this event, men’s tennis became a complete club program. All these innovations in the constitution of the New Rochelle brought with them a number of unsurpassed victories and successes. The men’s football team in the first year took first place in the national student sports association in terms of performance.
Already in 2017, the players of the Blue Angels club achieved high results by adding new sports disciplines such as: men’s cross-country, women’s football, women’s baseball.

Disciplines in New Rochelle

This institution has been accredited by the United States Association of Colleges and High Schools. The university offered students undergraduate degrees, including the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health Professions, which was accredited by the Commission on University and Nursing Education. The highest degree offered by the institution is a master’s degree. Includes a Master of Arts, a Master of Science and a Master of Science in Education. The teaching staff of the New Rochelle had highly qualified teachers who understood exactly their job and the tasks assigned. 90% of teachers had the highest degree of scientific knowledge in their field, that is, doctors of science.

The university consisted of 5 blocks:

  • School of Art
  • School of Nursing and Medical Professions
  • School of Business and Economics
  • Graduate School
  • School of New Resources

One of the original disciplines that began to be taught here is medicine.

Difficult financial times for an educational institution

In 2019, the university announced its intention to close due to bankruptcy. For this reason, all employees and teachers began to be fired. The enrollment of students was also stopped, and they tried to issue diplomas to graduates in the near future. This decision led to massive lawsuits by fired faculty members. Most of the lawsuits filed by the New York State Judge were granted, leading to even more hardship.

Seeing no way out of this situation, the college began to sell its property at auctions in order to somehow stay afloat and fulfill the debt to the teachers. Despite such a difficult decision, the owners of the college found sponsors and the New Rochelle continued to exist.