One of the last competitions of the women’s volleyball team

The college’s women’s volleyball team recently completed its season and won the 2nd place prize in the women’s volleyball championship. The volleyball team played against strong opponents who took first place even in the state district ranking bracket. They fought to the last, literally snatched victory from the hands of the opponent, but still lost, taking second place. The Blue Angels volleyball crew is not discouraged, because for the second year in a row, the college girls received the great honor of competing with the best teams in the whole country, rebuffing them and showing their strength. Such a huge achievement not only for student athletes, but for the entire coaching staff and the athletics department of the college. The Blue Angels volleyball crew has set the same standard that other college teams aspire to.

Blue Angels Coach Rapture

The coach of the Blue Angels noted that they showed great aspiration, energy and confidence throughout the entire season of the competition. They fought against the strong number 1 teams of the whole country. But not only the passion for competitions and the will to win was shown by the Blue Angels, but the pleasure and adrenaline from the very game of volleyball was also received. It was a great test for them. The game showed what mistakes need to be corrected in order to continue to resist the national level volleyball crews and not drop their performance bar.

Their coach is extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the national tournament for the second year in a row. Such events raise the spirit of the volleyball crew, so they strive to become competitive and replenish its command staff with new and promising players in order to become a winner in the future. Indeed, in the intervals between seasons, constant active training is carried out.

Academic knowledge comes first

Indeed, in the intervals between seasons, constant active training is carried out. At the same time, students demonstrate their capabilities not only in sports, but also in studies. Because without good academic achievements, students are not allowed to compete, because first of all students came to receive academic knowledge. The average score of students who play in teams is 75% of progress in all subjects. The team coach of Blue Angels requests this statistics every semester in order to personally take care of the progress of his wards.

But the students themselves do not allow their academic performance to fall. This is a great incentive to graduate well from college and become a successful athlete. In addition to studying, students have another incentive, their fans, because they play an important role. It is they who raise the sports spirit of the team and support the team. Also, fans with their support lower the morale of the opponent to win. The Blue Angels have been noticed by their rivals more than once during games and training with what passion sportsmen enjoy the game.