Charity of the College of New Rochelle

Initially, the college was founded by Catholic believers. In order for the population who did not have the financial opportunity to study at prestigious universities to be able to get an education free of charge and without hindrance. Thus, children will not stand out among their more affluent peers. The university tried in every possible way to engage in the development, education and charity of young people and freely helped all applicants in need.

Here, in the early years of its existence, many orphans studied, for whom the university tried to replace the family. In the future, the institution expanded, everything was created for children, there were more and more students. Thanks to the joint efforts of students, they created a sports team from different sports disciplines, the Blue Angels sports team. Large health centers were built on the territory of the college, which were constantly improved.

Thus The College of New Rochelle attracted the attention of many students and their parents with its charity. One of the last modern centers was built in 2008, which occupied almost a hectare of land in its area. It was built around the lobby, which combined 3 levels of buildings. Only local material such as granite was used in the interior of the building. He gave the building a calm and natural atmosphere.

The College of New Rochelle for everyone

The wellness center had professionally selected staff, including medical workers. In the gym, rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities were constantly held and selected, who were helped to constantly feel like full-fledged people. Members of the Blue Angels Sports Club helped children to adapt in their college.

There was also where charity classes were held to improve the health of children with various inclusive needs. Families who could not financially afford rehabilitation in paid centers came to this center from different parts of the state. There were cases when the services of the staff were completely free, without charity contributions.

Leisure time at The College of New Rochelle

The local residents of New Rachelle always knew where to spend their leisure time and keep fit. Also conducted from different sports disciplines among local residents. All the prize funds of the Blue Angels sports team went to the development of the university and its health center. The university was also engaged in charity actions to support its city. Blue Angels sports teams collected and delivered food, clothing, blankets, and personal hygiene items to the homeless on the streets of Manhattan. there were at least six such events per year.

Every year, charity events are held to raise awareness about domestic violence. Held charity events among the residents of the city, where they collected gifts for distribution among organizations such as the Salvation Army and the New Rochelle kindergarten. Every April, the university holds a day of sports, which is dedicated to fun, games and recreational activities. Age of participants from 10 years to 21 years. Residents from all over the county participated in these events.