Traditions and events of the New Rochelle College

Each university has its own specific tradition, annual events, which have become a hallmark for each institution. New Rochelle College is no exception. Here, students hold various events and hold many traditions, in which not only they, but the entire staff of the university participate.

One such tradition is Founder’s Day. Since New Rochelle College has a rich academic heritage, the celebration is held every October. This day is filled with a number of events across the college that recognize the founding principles and confirm their mission.
Family weekend. Every autumn, the university welcomes families to its territory in accordance with tradition. Here parents as well as students, give them the opportunity to spend the whole weekend with their children on the territory of the university without limiting themselves in anything. These days, spiritual competitions are held, which strengthen the spiritual spirit and the unity of the institution with the family.

Strawberry Festival. An annual tradition that has been held for over 40 years. This largest event is sponsored by the Student Government Association. By the way, the event is open to the community of the institution, as well as to the community outside of it. The main attribute of the event is strawberry food, music, inflatable attractions, outdoor games that create an atmosphere of comfort for everyone. This is one of the biggest university events.

In addition to these events, there are those that are held every month:

  • movie nights
  • game nights (indoor or outdoor)
  • costume parties
  • holiday fairs
  • student art exhibitions

Trips and tours of the New Rochelle College

Free trips and tours outside the territory of the university are provided for all students. All this is sponsored by the association of pupils, including the Blue Angels teams. Due to the proximity of New Rochelle to New York, most of the interesting trips are aimed at exploring Manhattan.

Here, pupils, freshmen who have not seen the city are introduced to everything that the city has to offer. The pedagogical staff of the New Rochelle is constantly interested in the opinion of pupils and is invited by the children themselves to make suggestions about future trips and tours outside the territory of the college. So they make it clear to students that when they enter this university, they all become one family.
Some of the most frequent trips are Broadway shows and musicals. Excursions to New York museums, Madame Tussauds wax museum, New Rochelle’s haunted house, Middle Ages in New Jersey. Nobody imposes anything on students, thereby making it clear that they can always make their own suggestions and adjustments, new holidays aimed at the culture and development of the community of the university. Thanks to this freedom of speech, pupil life is full and memorable.