History of women’s university basketball

The history of the formation of women’s basketball dates back to 1978. This is the date of the formation of a complete team and already promising players to enter the basketball field. Before this date, basketball was considered as a regular sport, since the university was for women, the girls performed for fun to keep fit. No one thought of basketball as a full-fledged game in which there are fierce tournaments, especially among women.

The superior women’s coach was Louis Kern. The first some years they act in an almost desolate gym. There were no fans, no ordinary spectators. Just some parents of the players themselves cheered for their children at interclass college competitions. There were days when two or three girls were good players.

First coach of the women’s basketball team

Coach Kern began to develop a basketball program, no one would have a reflection that a small nongovernmental women’s university could create a team of national superiority. Like everyone else in the third section, they did not offer cash reward, because the sports financing at that time was about $ 15 thousand and the old sports facilities to boot. But no one saw any obstacles in this.

So in 1984, the Blue Angels became the best women’s basketball team in the third section in the state. They are the superior women’s
team to take part in the league of the national student sports association, where they immediately took the 2nd place prize. The Blue Angels earned the honor of their opponents very quickly. There were stories that even opponents who lost in the previous rounds stayed in the hall to watch the Blue Angels play, thus secretly rooting for them. And the coaches of other opponents did not understand how an ordinary students from a not so developed small town, from an unknown college, could pull ahead by a large margin of points.

The life of a basketball team without a leader

Despite the achievements of the leader, the Blue Angels did not have. This situation worried the coach more and more, because in any team there should be a player who would take responsibility on the field, a leader who could stand up for the whole team. After all, it is the team captain who makes fateful decisions during the game on the field, but he was not found. The Blue Angels decided that they do not need a leader, they are already one.

Since there were no scholarships in the college, and the sports financing was small, and the fame of the Blue Angels spread throughout the state, players began to receive offers from other colleges where there was an athletic cash reward. Even Coach Kern got a better offer to coach men’s and women’s teams from other colleges and universities. It was very difficult for a man, the father of four young daughters, to refuse such an offer, but Louis turned down such an offer, which gave rise to disagreements in the family. With his refusal, he further rallied the Blue Angels, who also turned down tempting offers.